The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago located in the Arabian Gulf, and offers its visitors the combination of Arab hospitality, archaeological sites, gorgeous beaches and water sport activities, stylish shopping venues and a sophisticated culinary and nightlife scene. 

Bahrain is a very tolerant Muslim country, and non-muslims do not feel restricted: Women do not have to cover their heads or dress up in any particular way, alcohol can be consumed freely in all hotels and major restaurants and bars and you can even find restaurants serving pork. Bahrain is known for being the most liberal out of all the Gulf states.

Bahrain has shown consistent rejection of violence against Israelis and maintained a Jewish community that enjoys equal rights and whose members are prominent business people and even have been serving as government officials and foreign Ambassadors. Bahrain is a major United States ally with two American bases located within its small territory.


Gulf Red Med can facilitate tourist visas for Israelis who wish to visit Bahrain, and can assist with all of the necessary arrangements in advance.

Our vision views tourism as a key tool in the process of strengthening regional cooperation.

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